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Remembering Forever Create a Memorial Page!

Dedicated memorial page and more

Immortalize the memory of your loved one for future generations.

Dedicated Page

The page is fully dedicated to your loved one and include a picture, biography, burial location, dedicated memorial service, and social sharing buttons. The information on the page can be edited (by the page owner) in real time.

Headstone Location

Point directly to the headstone location and find it easily using on a map using GPS coordinates on a smartphone. Compared with the user location anyone can find the headston location with walking directions.

Social Sharing

Planing a memorial service or just want to share your visit with your social network. Share your loved one page with your family and friends via social media and email and get the conversation rolling.


Share the memory of your loved one with friend and family with dedicated commemoration products like frames, labels and stainless steel plaques.

How it works?

Create a Memorial

Add Picture, Biography, Video (coming soon)

Add Headstone GPS Coordinates

Add the headstone coordinates with one click of a button

Place a Dedicated Stainless Steel Plaque

Place a unique dedicated plateon the headstone or at any other location.

Scan the QR

View and share the dedicated memorial page.

Create a memorial now!

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An interactive tribute of your loved one

Share the memories and stories of your loved one. Allow the next generation connect with their ancestors in a new way and keep their memory forever using digital devices.

Start your own legacy

Tell your story, and leave a message to your friends and family. Design how you want others to remember you.

Add a dedicated plate and GPS coordinates to the headstone

Scan the dedicated stainless steel plate and get immediate access to your loved one memorial page. Get directions directly to the headstone using GPS coordinates on your mobile device.

Get Directions to the cemetery

Make it easy for friends and family find the cemetery. Yizkor LeOlam help you find the cemetery with a one click from your smartphone using GPS technology.

Create a memorial now!

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